A Collaborative Deal with Mello Studio (Bahrain)

In February 2021, Naqada Music Management (Egypt) collaborated with one of the finest Bahraini organizations in the Middle East, Mello Studio, to provide various Arabic online courses in music business management through its educational institution Mello Skills.

Three different courses have been agreed upon. The first course has already been published. This course is an introduction to the music industry. Through this course, the independent artist can know how the market works from the beginning of recording until the release. He will also know what to do during the marketing and public relations process. The second course will focus more on digital marketing and public relations using various tools. The third will focus on technical subjects related to music publishing and distribution among other topics. The main goal of this collaboration is to help all indie artists and bands in the Middle East through these Arabic courses in our beloved music industry. You can find more details about the courses through Mello Skills website here.