Who we are

“Your music deserves to reach the globe.”
 - Naqada Music!

After the domestic and international success for Rock Era Magazine since 2008, Mena Ezzat decided to invest his experiences in the music industry as well as his main mission by proving several services to help indie artists, bands, and record labels in such digital era. In early 2016, he founded Naqada Music Management which considers the first music PR agency in Egypt, and one of few in the Middle East. Since then the company had the honour to work with many artists, bands, labels, and publishers in many countries such as Egypt, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Brazil, among other countries. In February 2021, the company collaborated with one of the finest Bahraini organizations in the field, Mello Studio, to provide various Arabic online courses in music business management through its educational institution Mello Skills. In May of the same year, the company released an online YouTube show to provide tips and tricks for indie artists to help them out through the digital world. Currently, the company is working on a huge project which will be announced in early 2022.