What we do

PR Campaigns

Writing your updates and sending it to media could be a hassle. Focus on your music and leave the press for us.

Reviews & Interviews

Within our huge media database, we can manage your music by getting you reviews or interviews.

Radio airing time

Airing time on numerous online radios within the States, Europe and the Middle East

Social Media Management

Social media is a must for an individual or a cooperate these days. But do you know how to get the best out of it?!


Sometimes taking the picture from your head to put into paper would be difficult for any of us. Press, bio or any of your demands.

Still & Motion Design

Logo, cover image, album artwork or lyric/animated video can be delivered in a proper design.

Web Design

Having a website isn't a luxury, it's a must for your project band, record label and production house. We deliver unique web designs with convenient prices.

Video Promos

We could help with proper videos for your material, even if you have the footage and only need some editing.